Schjødt is truly committed to a one firm, client-oriented philosophy.

Schjødt has for more than eight decades provided first class legal services to major Norwegian and international clients. Our focus is to ensure the same high quality, whether they need ongoing, proactive advice, assistance with mergers and acquisitions or our ability to successfully resolve disputes. Maintaining excellence in all three areas is a key factor in our success.

We have American, Chinese, British, German, Swedish, and Danish lawyers – 50% of our lawyers have education and/or work experience abroad.

Schjødt is a modern and successful internationally oriented law firm with a proud and an impressive heritage. Today we are an exciting mix of new talent, experienced senior partners, advanced technology and proven working practices. Our clients benefit from the pride and passion with which we combine our legal skills with our commitment to strive for excellence at all times.

Our clients set high expectations for themselves, and should expect nothing less from us. To ensure the best qualified and most suited lawyers for any given matter all assignments are allocated and staffed by department heads, who are responsible for tracking competence and capacity for all lawyers in our firm. Based on the client’s needs, their expressed wishes and the particulars of the case, each new assignment is delegated to the lawyer best qualified to be responsible for the matter.

The department heads are also responsible for ensuring that the responsible lawyer is assigned one or more lawyers with the professional skills, experience and capacity to handle the matter efficiently. In recognition of the wide variety of matters a client may ask us to advise on this may, or may not, be the client contact. The client contact will, however, track all work handled for a client to ensure consistency in the advice given and that we always deliver according to the client’s needs.

When a new file is opened, we will send our client a written confirmation. Such confirmation will normally contain the names of the lawyers responsible, the team assigned and any support personnel, in addition to fee arrangements. Availability and responsiveness are key factors in our client service approach.

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ruseløkkveien 14, Oslo, Oslo, Norway


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