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Valmas & Associates

Professional & Result Oriented

Valmas & Associates is a Greek Law Firm with a truly global reach situated in the Athens city centre providing leading professional legal services and constantly ranked high among Greek law practices.

We are experts on cross border issues.

Our clients include government agencies, law practices, companies and large corporations and private individuals.

We also act on mandates from large overseas law firms that require representation of their clients in Greece.

Valmas & Associates (a Greek Law Firm based in Athens) was established in 2008 in Athens, Greece.


From the very start we have been striving for excellence in the provision of legal services to overseas clients in Greece.

Our dedication and attention to our clients has been the very reason of our success.

>Unlike many larger firms, we are able to offer individualized attention to our clients throughout the course of their legal representation. This personalized approach backed by our vision for commitment, responsibility, elimination of risk and ultimately creation of value while resolving or dealing with legal issues has led to the establishment of strong and lasting partnerships with our clients. It is important to point out that it matters not how big or small (in terms of monetary value) a project is. Our clients shall always receive the highest level of attention and commitment, no exceptions made.

We pride for our speedy and meticulous preparation of our clients’ cases. Speed, attention to detail and responsiveness define and truly are the cornerstones of our practice.

By understanding your legal, business and financial requirements, we build a relationship with a view to deliver the best possible service and achieving your peace of mind. The level of services we deliver is mirrored by the results we produce.

We run a totally client oriented practice with the client being at the center of our focus. This has been the main reason of our firm’s success in the past decade.

We provide legal advice, representation and litigation services in a wide area of the legal practice. Our primary focus is the conduct of our clients’ legal affairs in a highly professional manner and, ultimately, the successful fulfillment of their expectations. We will always steer away from litigation had this been in the best interest of our clients. Most civil and commercial law cases we have handled have been resolved away from the courtrooms. Our strategy is that we apply our negotiation and persuasion skills with a view to a quick resolution of our clients’ matters. Had it been impossible to resolve an issue amicably we will confidently represent our clients in the courtroom. Our track record is living testimony of our efficiency in the courtrooms.

The office is supported by libraries, sophisticated and the most up-to-date new technologies and online legal information banks, thus achieving swift and thorough satisfaction of our clients’ legal and business needs as there is access to all legal tools necessary for handling your cases.

Through the adoption of a modern, state of the art practice, our client base now consists of a number of domestic and international corporate entities as well as private clients; we have successfully advised and/or represented large international corporations, government bodies and individuals located all over the globe with regards to their legal and business matters in Greece.

We represent – among others – American, Australian, Canadian and British clients as well as other foreign nationals of non-Greek ethnicity from Asia and the Middle East such as Israel, China, UAE, for all their legal matters – such as real estate, business matters, negotiating terms and compensations on negligence cases etc. – in Greece. We also represent Greek expats from across all corners of the globe.

Our agenda includes the broadening of our co-operation with law firms and companies domestically and abroad.

We currently work on several important assignments with law firms, corporations and private individuals located in Asia, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and the Americas.

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Our Services

  • Aviation Law

    Air Charter Agreements Litigation, Lease of Aircrafts, Passenger Claims, Aircraft Purchases in Greece, Aircraft Parts' Purchases.

  • Compensations / Debt Recovery

    Recover Outstanding Payments and Debts in Greece.

  • Greek Inheritance Law

    Greek Inheritance Lawyers offering Expert Legal Services in Greece.

  • Shipping Law

    Resolve Wet & Dry Shipping Related Legal Matters via Mediation or Litigation in Greece, Ship Purchase in Greece.

  • Greek Golden Visa Program

    Buy a House in Greece and gain access to the EU & Schengen areas.

  • Business & Commercial Law

    Contracts, Sales, Claims, Litigation, Company Formations.

  • Contracts & Sales

    Business Transactions, Commercial Litigation.

  • Real Estate Law

    Property Transactions, Real Estate Related Litigation, Residence Permits on the Acquisition of Property over the value of 250.000 EURO, Title Searches.

  • Immigration & Nationality Law

    Immigration Applications, Immigration Appeals, Asylum, Consular VISA Processing Assistance etc.

  • Bankruptcy/Insolvency Law

    Cross-border Insolvency.

  • Accidents, Negligence & Claims

    Road Traffic Accidents Litigation, Personal Injury.

  • Administrative Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Energy Law

  • Family Law

    Divorces, Child Support Claims, Litigation Services.

  • Medical Law

  • Trademarks and Patents

    Applications for Trademarks and Patents in Greece, Trademark and Patent Related Litigation.

  • Litigation & ADR

    Civil Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Criminal Procedures, Torts, Petitions for the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgements.

  • Recognition & Enforcement of Foreign Court Judgements

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